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Kalafatis Beach - Anemoessa Boutique Hotel

Kalafatis Beach

Popular with families with children and with those who enjoy water sports (especially windsurfing), this beach is on the eastern side of the island. Kalafatis is known for its water sports. This is very much an active beach. In the left corner of the beach of Kalafatis one can find a hut with hire facilities from a snorkel to diving. There is also a windsurf centre, where you can rent a board by hour, and a watersports centre for jet ski. As it’s away from the more touristy beaches, it remains less developed, but it has a few hotels (see below) and restaurants. There are some rocks by the water’s edge, but once past them, it’s great for swimming. The smaller beach of Agia Anna is just a short walk away.
Delos - Anemoessa Boutique Hotel


Breathing distance from secular Mykonos, Delos is the sacred island of ancient Greece, a place imposing, bare of vegetation, but extremely brilliant under the sun.
Delos is recognized as the largest natural island archaeological site. No other island is home to so many monuments of archaic, classical and Hellenistic times and is therefore a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The sacredness of this beautiful place is due to the myth of the birth of Apollo and Artemis. According to legend, Delos was a floating island until Poseidon immobilized it at the request of Zeus, to offer it as a refuge in Leto.

Why Choose Us?

We investigated among our guests feedback and came out with 5 good reasons why our guests have made our hotel a serene get away to call home:
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“We loved staying here! This is a fantastic boutique hotel, that is quiet, but close to the action..” - Katirtot

Lying just above the beautiful bay of blue flag awarded Kalafatis, 12 km away from the town of Mykonos and in a walking distance from the famous trendy beaches Kalo Livadi and Agia Anna, our hotel’s pristine location provide guests with the unique opportunity to either fully reset their minds leaving all worldly things behind or to immerse into the wild vibes of the mykonian nightlife.
 - Anemoessa Boutique Hotel
“Wonderful wonderful wonderful!” – Jane W.

Good vibes are instantly achieved as you enter the cycladic whitewashed premises enhanced by sophisticated style interiors, modern, hi-tech comforts, low tempo music and sensational scents from our lavish Mediterranean garden. Built from locals, in an almost amphitheatrical manner, our hotel boasts spectacular views to the Aegean and the indulging sensation of privacy in a sheltered and comfortable setting.
 - Anemoessa Boutique Hotel
“This hotel is great! The scale, the atmosphere, the cleanliness, everything. But I must say that the people that work here are the plus...” - 2017_Antonio_R

Anemoessa is a family run hotel with friendly stuff ready to assist, to share smiles and small talks. We put our heart and soul in our work to give you a memorable experience, to satisfy your requests and anticipate your wishes.
 - Anemoessa Boutique Hotel
“We had the most amazing time, staff, hotel and food were amazing…”- John.
At Anemoessa, a day to night culinary experience begins with a delicious, healthy “Greek Breakfast” and ends late at night with a mediterranean dinner menu at Anemos Restaurant. Our chef solely uses fresh, seasonal and locally produced artisanal products and the menu offers vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.

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Little Venice of Mykonos

Take pictures and walk the narrow streets of the region of Little Venice, a beautiful place with colorful houses almost built into the sea. This attraction is a 17th century neighborhood, with houses of wealthy merchants and captains. Observing the impressive architecture of these houses, with colorful windows, doors, stairs, wooden balconies over the sea, remind the visitor of the Italian city of Venice.
The region of Little Venice offers a variety of cocktail bars, cafes and restaurants, where you can admire the most beautiful sunset. The area is full of nightclubs and is a place to choose for your night out.

 - Anemoessa Boutique Hotel
In Cyclades, Christmas festivities, have a special, unique identity which varies pleasantly from island to island.
Christmas - Anemoessa Boutique Hotel
Mykonians uphold old traditions and religious celebrations sharing their local customs and homemade culinary delicacies with families, neighbours and visitors of the island. At Christmas the alleyways of Mykonos smell sweet because of “foinikia” (baked biscuits dipped in honey syrup), “kourampiedes” (butter biscuits dusted with icing sugar) and the traditional Christmas bread “Christopsomo” (a bread flavoured with cinammon, walnuts and a sign of the cross on top. In the villages an extra loaf of Christmas bread is baked and given to the animals of the house. The main Christmas meal is pork with greens or cabbage and onion pie with the local cheese “tirovolia” which are considered to attract abundance.
New Years Eve - Anemoessa Boutique Hotel
New Years Eve

On New Years Eve Women’s Cultural Folkloric Association shall take into the streets, singing old carols from Mykonos and Delos whilst carrying a traditional adorned model boat “karava” and a lanter.


Festivities end in Epiphany Day with the celebration of “Balosia” an antique custom hailing from Venetian Times which is celebrated with traditional island dances to the sounds of violins, bagpipes and tubes.