Anemoessa Boutique Hotel is blessed with outstanding natural beauty. With sustainability at the heart of its vision, the company is continuously working to improve its environmental performance throughout the resort in areas such as energy efficiency, renewable energy use, water conservation and waste minimization.

True to our vision and philosophy we have adopted effective methods and practices that aim to energy and natural resources saving.

Reducing energy consumption:
• Sewage treatment plan • Solar panels installed • Gradual use of LED lamps • Energy-efficient windows and window frames • Magnetic Card in all rooms and suites, ensuring that all electrical appliances (except refrigerators) are switched off when customers leave their room • Additional switch in all bedrooms to disable air-conditioning every time someone opens a window or a door • Energy efficient electrical equipment in all areas, such as A+++ air conditioning systems, refrigerators, computers • Well-established procedures for the maintenance and proper cleaning of all energy facilities • Raising awareness of the employees on energy consumption and kitchen staff on minimum warm-up times, keeping fridge and freezer doors closed, using the right size equipment, and switching off kitchen appliances and lights when not in use.

Reducing water consumption:
• Wastewater treatment plant for recycling water • Drilling • Automatic night watering the green areas of the hotel • Application of drip irrigation systems and underground irrigation systems with reduced water evaporation. • Water reduction filters to all taps of the hotel •  Encouraging linen and towel reuse program

Recycling :
• Paper, Plastic, Glass, Batteries, Toners and Cooking oils

Supporting Local Community:
• Developing relationships with local producers including their locally produced, seasonal items on our menus. • Environmental awareness amongst employees, guests, as well as the local community and suppliers

We acknowledge that achieving our goals and objectives will require many changes to be made over time. However we strongly believe that our sustainability efforts serve the interests of both current and future generations and constitute the foundation for long-lasting success.